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  1. Imagine trying to eat your cake and have it to. Pretending like you want to help out the server meanwhile you go and try to cheat on the server . Then after the fact admitting but still giving excuses and somehow blaming us just because we updated the anti cheat lol. Isaac the dumbass. Appeal will be denied , feel free to appeal in few months
  2. App was accepted on discord, congrats
  3. Congrats on member, you'll be given your custom and discord role soon
  4. Congrats on member, pm me on discord to get two free knife skins on pub
  5. After reviewing the demo myself I've decided the demo lacks conclusive evidence of you cheating. Sorry for the inconvenience. Feel free to rejoin the server whenever you'd like.
  6. After reviewing the demo myself, and discussing it with others, it seems as if the demo doesn't show definitive proof of you hacking. Feel free to go ahead and play on any of the servers.
  7. Hey guys, just want to make an announcement letting you all know that NLG has a deathmatch server that's currently active. The server was setup around a month ago, however starting today the population has significantly increased due to various things we've tried. is the IP to connect! For some reason it's not working on the main server list but it'll be fixed soon!
  8. Chaos_Boss

    NLG Pub Rules

    General Rules: 1) No flaming, harassing or significant disrespect towards any player (Banter, regular roasting , joking around is fine) 2) Don't act like a dumbass - Just play the game without hindering gameplay for others or causing drama 3) No blatant and obvious racism / direct discrimination (Implying isn't allowed either however terms such as 'Nigga' , 'retard' and 'Faggot' are allowed as long they're not being used to take part in rule one) 4) Porn / NSFW content isn't allowed on the server. However for 18+ members it’s allowed in a channel in our discord 5) Doing anything to hinder gameplay isn't allowed (spamming, radio, exploiting map etc) Pub Specific Rules 1) Cheats of any form ,(aimbot, wallhacks, etc) aren't allowed and will result in a permanent ban. 2) No spamming in chat 3) Other languages aside from English are allowed. However if you're breaking rules, you'll only be warned in English by admins 4) No advertising (Aka. actually telling someone to goto another server). Having a link in your name , or pasting links /ip adresses are fine as long as they aren't for another CSS server or gaming community) 5) No ghosting - This means don't imply the location or health of where someone alive is at while you're dead (this applies outside of teamchat / in public chat or spec chat when talking about players on the opposite team. Talking in teamchat to players on your own team while dead about what's going on is fine)
  9. Chaos_Boss


    If you had read what I sent you, you'd know I told you to wait 3 months to appeal given the fact you lied multiple times. We've had multiples admins such as @Old playerand @Luxxyreview the demo of you cheating , and they deemed that you were indeed cheating. And to top it off, rather than be civil about you'd prefer to call our lead dev 'toxic, childish, etc' despite the fact he gave you the benefit of the doubt and allowed you to send your OWN demo of you playing perhaps somewhere else to prove your innocence. You immediately jumped on the defensive and went on about your professional css "history" on another community, when means nothing. If you had just told the truth and been respectful, I would've considered shortening the ban. The ban is sticking, and if you keep ranting you'll just dig yourself deeper. https://mega.nz/file/G6YXGCIS#FYj6OH05Mbz4ztDpWg7GUH79_YS9xXaclyO4aRjV1ck ^ Here's the demo the admin team reviewed incase you want to act as if we don't have one. pin.dem
  10. Here is the format you can use to appeal: Name: Steam ID (If applicable) Reason you were banned: Why you should be unbanned : Screenshots, demos , etc: Please give the management team 5-7 days at the most to respond and conclude your appeal. Appeal posting rules: 1) Don't comment under an appeal thread unless you had involvement or unless if were a witness to the situation, or unless you were obviously the banning admin. This applies for everyone including other server admin+ that weren't involved. 2) If someone doesn't have the correct format or if someone is breaking forum rules, feel free to message a manager rather than comment under the appeal yourself. 3) Keep things relevant without bias . If you were involved you can give your point of view but an opinion on what action should be taken isn't needed.
  11. Admin Application Requirements / things to know: (The requirements won't be in place for a while, feel free to just make a thread on why you want to be member to get it right away for now) If you know you're a troll / known to cause issues, don't bother applying. You DON'T need to have a forum account to apply. Applying on discord is always preferred. If you want to apply just for the perks, that's fine. There is no post requirement or length requirement either but try to atleast have a complete sentence in the application. Member tag (NLG) isn't mandatory to wear unless you're Admin+ Be patient and don't beg management to check your app. You're allowed to tell people to look / vote on your app but spamming or pestering people will result in it being denied. You're allowed to play on any server you want, we don't give a shit. However, if you're apart of another community that's similar to ours let us know before applying. If you have 10+ punishments (CT bans, bans, etc) within less than a week before the time you read this, don't bother applying. We don't mean punishments in general , just in the last week. Don't be a retard. Play the game , have fun. Simple as that Application Process: There is no complicated "percentage" app process. I can barely do math myself. You just need more +1s than -1s by the end of your app timeframe and the minimum votes in general you need to have is 5. If you don't have that many, you'll either get a time extension or if you came really close to getting accepted you might get an exception so you don't have to wait another week. Applications will be hidden to other users so it won't be any bias. (For ex. OH look this dude voted this on this one guys app, time to automatically vote +1 just because) However, the person who creates the app will be able to see the votes (as the whole point of votes besides letting the community make a decision is to give the applicant advice on what they need to work on) Format to apply Name: Reason you want to be member (Any reason) Steam ID:
  12. Hell yeah , the music is getting changed this morning and we'll add a votekick , but admins are being re-added this morning and we'll have quit a bit of them
  13. http://nlgdatabase.site.nfoservers.com/Rankings/home/ Here above is a CSGO stat list / ranking for all players on the server. It hasn't been implemented yet but players will be able to see how well they're doing in game. Shout out to @Jordi for working on it, he's the G.O.A.T fr.
  14. Hey guys, I have a major announcement! The gaming community known as TMC which previously owned their dust 2 24/7 server as well as their Zombie Mod server will now be apart of NLG! This is a major change , and will ensure we have atleast one already popped server from the get go. Many things with the server itself will stay the same for the most part, however we will be trying to improve things as much as possible to provide the best experience for Counter Strike : Source! This just the start, to stay tuned! Within the next several days, some things such as rank structure , removal of paymins , and more changes will occur but I will respect what's come before me and leave many things in tact with the way TMC was before! As for our Counter Strike: Source Jailbreak server, we will be trying to populate that server very heavily as well, and will likely have more people playing there as a result of the merging. However, we still need to put in the work for there. TMC had a pre-existing discord, so I will be either getting NLG members to move there, or vice versa, or something entirely different. Still deciding. < IP to connect to the dust 2 server! https://discord.gg/PdtFujDg < TMC old discord https://discord.gg/j9a2dZb9 < NLG new discord incase you don't already know it.
  15. Just a small update : pop wise during the weekend we got some decent number but it’s gonna take time to slowly build the player base for JB. However I’m in contact with someone I know and I may possibly getting an already / popped server for a different CSS game mode from them very soon! It won’t necessarily be a massive boost for the JB server but having already one active server to start can really help NLG overall.
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