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  1. Ban will be reduced to 1 month. After then, if you cheat again, you'll get no appeal
  2. I'm deciding I'll accept your appeal and reduce the punishment to a 3 day ctban. Just to be clear again the perm was only because it was a rageban which is the only way to ctban disconnected players. Even though I understand the gunplant at the end of the round you didn't mean harm with, every freekill meme and whip has mentioned isn't really justifiable. (Killing him for him asking for medic, killing meme for following the shift walk order, killing Whip for going in the pit and moving when you didn't say freeze, etc) In the future if you make a mistake and freekill , own up to it instead of just trying to lie after and say things like "Yeah I did tell you to freeze" when you know you didn't. Appeal Accepted!
  3. First of all to be clear, regardless of the gunplant or freekill, neither one of them alone warrants a CTBan outright, but what does is you breaking a rule and then leaving the server right after, admins can rageban you for that which by default is perm. I'm not sure whether or not the T actually asked for a certain gun for his LR, but if not it's preferred at no point you give T's any weapons since like you said they have the guns menu anyways. I understand that might've been a mistake which totally make sense but you have to look at NpDot's point of view as well as he was simply told you gunplanted and left and that's all he knew. As for the freekill in the clip, Killing a T for not being frozen when you didn't specify to be frozen is a freekill. Besides this I believe @Meme Overlordwas another witness of some other freekills by you so I'll wait until he replies to the appeal before I conclude this. Also, calling us "shit" for simply enforcing the rules isn't gonna help your appeal.
  4. We updated our guidelines for applying for admin in the discord recently. Now, you must be invited / given permission to apply for admin by a global admin or developer or manager. Since you were admin before but stepped down you're already a member but make sure you're active and such and try to help out often and you'll be on your way to getting invited. Good luck, app denied for now.
  5. Considering you yourself thinking the ban sticking atleast a week is fair, then that's how long you'll need to wait out. Keep in mind when typing in relay in game some people really are inclined to just believe whatever name they see without checking, and when I went in game a couple of them actually thought it was me saying the things you were saying about LG. I guarantee you if someone went in relay with your name and said stuff and you get the blame you’d have a problem with that pretty quickly. You were already warned in game to leave her alone, I know you probably think it wasn't a big deal, which it didn't have to be until you took it a step further. You'll be unbanned from the discord in one week and if something like this happens again you'll get no appeal.
  6. Dust 2 and JB will be down for a few hours due to issues with hosting, I'll give everyone an update when they're back online
  7. Seems as if this player has already been banned by our Anti Cheat. Thanks for the report anyways.
  8. Hey everyone, I'm thinking of doing a monthly vote on different categories of JB players, and those who do the best in each category in the opinions of the players will get a warden. It'd be very similar to what we did with the recent event, only once a month. Name the categories you'd like to see. I'm thinking possibly Best warden, Best Rebeller, Most fun overall player , Best general CT, Funiest warden , etc. Drop your ideas below and I'll decide which ones will be implemented and will prepare the prizes which may include steam gift cards.
  9. Given the fact we have reason to believe this is someone else on an alt that shouldn't be playing, the account will be banned.
  10. After re-reviewing the demo we had it seems as if there's no conclusive evidence of you wallhacking. We apologize any unconvince, feel free to continue playing on our servers. court.dem Appeal Accepted
  11. Jailbreak Gang Wars Event On Saturday November 13th, NLG will be hosting a new Jailbreak event centered around everyone's favorite part of JB : Rebelling! Incase you aren't aware, our server has a 'Gangs' plugin which allows people to create gangs and invite their friends. However during this event two gangs will compete with eachother to get the most amount of kills and wipe out as many CTs as possible. During the event, both gangs have their perks maxed out (extra health, damage, lower gravity, higher speed) from the get go which will help both teams rebel even easier. The team that has the most kills collectively by the end of the event will get 90k credits (10k per member). Usually the max members in a gang would be 6 but it'll temporarily extended to 9 to allow more people to participate. To minimize confusion I will temporarily backup and reset the database for gangs until the event is over. The entire event will last one map cycle on razor as well Although the event is centered around rebelling, there will still be prizes for the following categories : Best warden (Most fun warden / Whoever can manage to control the T's as best as possible and somehow make it map games. People who participated will be able to vote on who this was). Prize : 50k credits Best supporting CT (Whichever regular CT did the best job at dealing with the CTs. People will vote for this also). Prize : 30k credits Best non-rebelling T : Whichever T makes it to LR the most amount of times throughout the event) Prize : 15k credits The two gangs leader will be @Dickand @NpDot, they are also apart of the events team which will be hosting the event to keep track of the scores. The prizes will be given out immediately by myself. If you'd like to be a member in Dick's gang (OBLOCK) or Npdot's "BackStreet Crawlers" then join the discord to enter for the event. Looking forward to seeing you guys there! Good luck.
  12. Seeing as this is the first CTBan she has , I’ll accept the appeal considering it wasn’t intentional. Going forward though, if she starts causing too many issues while being on CT , her future bans will stick with no appeal until shes learned Jailbreak better. Ask an in game admin to remove the ban the next time you see one.
  13. I'll with talk with our dev team , I know logical has the plugin for voice activated warden so that'll be added if I do a poll and people want it. As for the LR bug, our Dev organ needs to go through the Sm hosties plugin to fix it manually, in the meantime if someone takes advantage of it and cheats during an LR, they'll be slayed. If someone CTI's, they'll be slayed for that as well. As for the press E to pick up weapon , I think I've found a plugin for that so I will be testing it soon As for the 4th suggestion I believe that'll have to be something they need to edit in the LR plugin. Currently we have no plans for MG as a large portion of the people who would play will be people that hop over from JB anyways, which result in two half dead servers. However, we plan on working on a Nosteam gungame server which will likely take off the same as DM, pub, dust 2 and awp which are all successful. When the suggestions above are done I'll make an announcement and close the thread, thanks!
  14. So that means you still were bhop scripting which isn't allowed either lol. I like how you conveniently left that out too. The ban is sticking regardless. Feel free to appeal in 6 months
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