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  1. You slayed which made me think you knew what you did but at that same time you also left, The gunplanting wasn't the only thing listed above but you have to understand my side as well, I don't know you or whether you have any bad intentions or not and with the constant freekilling and insults to the t's you freekilled it made my mind. That being said I am willing to ask for your ctban to be reduced to a week for the freekilling seeing that I was a bit over the top with the gunplanting that being if request is accepted.
  2. App Denied. Discussed, reviewed and have came to this conclusion, Thank you for your time.
  3. Here's the clip on the gunplant. 3reportsdamnn.dem
  4. There were multiple witnesses to the freekill you did on meme if that's what you're referring too, You even gave a reason to that freekill as "Bitching" and had me slay you for it even telling me he war rebeling when I clearly saw he wasn't. There were multiple instances where you kill players for orders you didn't give, I let it slide because nobody is perfect but you did it on multiple occasions. What I banned you for was when you gunplanted and left the server. If you had stayed in the server you would have just gotten a warning but you left telling me you did it with ban intent. Even if it's lr you can't give them guns, they can easily rebel and ruin the ct gameplay causing cts to lose their earned rights to have lr, again if you had not left it'd be a warning and with the piled up freekilling, it's a deserved ban.
  5. You were banned by @Old player for "wallhacking", We'll look into it and have the admin responsible for your punishment reply to you're request on whether you're ban appeal was accepted or not. Thank you for your patience.
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