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  1. I joined to play some AWP deathmatch and stumbled upon this dude “AkashiTM”, didn't think much of him, seemed like a decent player and what not. but once we joined forest (next map don’t remember full name) map he would always seem to know where to pre-fire and pre-aim as it’s nothing special with good players that know the map. I thought nothing of it until the next map awp_lego_2 reloaded. I spectated him and decided to record a demo I watched him for some time and he would look at angles/areas where he wouldn't before or pre-aim areas where he wouldn't before, I know that some spots are common on maps to aim or pre-aim at but from the amount of kills he got I would think that he is an experienced player to some degree, but his movement was just trash almost like a new player trying to learn how to bhop for the first time, putting that aside in some occasions he would have no sound ques or info from the mini-map, and he would be walking or trying to bhop in a direction stop and aim at a completely different spot and kill a guy, again no info or sound que. maybe I’m just miss reading something but like I said from the amount of kills he was racking up I would have thought he would be a decent player but from looking how he moves himself around the map just made it clear to me, Now I am not saying I am 1000% sure he is either wallhacking or etc but just seemed kind of sus I would review demo and let the admin decide maybe I’m fucking being stupid lol. (Start of the demo is nothing to do with the guy i think about a minute into the demo is where i spec him) akashitm.dem
  2. Hello community of NLG I am new here but i thought why not throw in some ideas that i have from previouse experiance in JB servers on css/csgo/other source games: 1. Auto warden when someone takes warden instead of having to type !w or /w, i know binds exist but from the experince that i've had so far on NLG people forget to take warden. 2. LR, when people enter LR they get damaged or even killed by other players, my suggestion is to remove player damage to those players that are in lr/mid lr, ofc not for the people that choose rebel. 3. I don't know if this is an open source code that could be implemented to any JB server, but idk if anyone knows a server called Elevated gaming network or EgN, they had a plugin which allwed users to press 'e' (or use/interact key) to pick up weapons in a relatively close radius. (this could benefit the Ts more on maps that are harder to rebel on) 4. For certain LR games it would be better if both players in that lr are forzen and get unforzen once the LR starts, for example Sumo wrestling, i have seen on multiple occasion that people just insta die when they get put into that LR because they were either walking or bhopping around. Also why not get a Minigames server?
  3. Name: Dumpster Dave Reason you want to be member (Any reason): Hello your friendly Dumpster dave signing in. thought this commmunity looked fun and thought why not try it out. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:59104705
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