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  1. Name: HM Courts & Tribunals Service Steam ID (If applicable): STEAM_0:0:630156183 Reason you were banned: Wallhacking? Why you should be unbanned : I wasn't wallhacking. I know exactly what happened for the admin to think I was though. I saw him go to soccer secret on Razor so I went to AWP window and waited for it to open then shot him when it did. He asked how many hours I have and I told him I had more on an old account that got stolen. I literally just rebought this game today on a new account after taking a break for a year or so afterwards. Screenshots, demos , etc: I don't see why I would have any of these since I did not expect to be banned with no evidence or even without any warning. I only have a clip of me from that time in the event which shows I am not using any wallhacks? It's a shadowplay. Here:
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