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  1. 1. I'm going to say it now I think you were using an aimbot not wallhacks. 2. The demos one was office you shot the wall before peaking which indicated you knew a guy was there before you or your teammate saw him which is part of the reasons it was a wallhack ban. The other demo on your ban 3:45 to 3:55. You shot some one dead while shooting their dead body you instantly flicked onto another guy who was off screen that you didn't see and backed off after then repeaked. If you would like to get TeamViewer share your screen and hit flicks similar to the robotic one with Chaos, and pie, luxxy, or myself go ahead. @KingDellay APPEAL DENIED
  2. @mitsls You should be able to join discord again since your ban is up. Just remember what chaos said though if it happens again there won't be an appeal Discord invite https://discord.gg/CEZdKubK
  3. @larrysince I'm unable to send messages on forums. Once you join discord you can apply for jailbreak admin since you really only play on there inv link https://discord.gg/UmHm6RPp
  4. If you want to rejoin here is an invite https://discord.gg/aQnmx5Du
  5. This appeal will be accepted due to your behavior being good the past few weeks. Note if any of the trolling or obnoxious behavior reappears there will not be any appeal for a few months if you get banned again. Appeal Accepted!
  6. Sorry for the inconvenience @Producthope you enjoy playing on our servers again. APPEAL ACCEPTED
  7. @Product You started playing on our servers 3-4 days ago. You reached DMG in that amount of time yet today you played terribly against silver ranked people so you are suspected of cheating when you join discord you will also need to download Teamviewer.
  8. @Ivannly @Ivanfxr @Svetlaps @Svetlanawmm @Daviddfa @Svetlthp Please don't comment under ban appeals there is a correct place to do it. if you need help use the introduction area please.
  9. @Svetleyn This is a ban appeal section. 1. Don't post here unless you're appealing. 2. Don't post random links about the media especially when the links aren't .com .edu or .gov the 3 most trusted ones I know 3. If you do want to post links we have a discord channel used for posting links note they get checked for viruses by myself or another managers anti virus or what ever scanner they use. If they contain any type of virus that can lead to harsh punishment.
  10. Hello @jeetsthanks for making this appeal. The Management team has come to a conclusion and the appeal will be denied. Due to it being a more recent punishment. If you are wanting to learn the rules you can do !motd to see what rules have been updated. You can appeal again in a few days/weeks! Appeal Denied
  11. @Zerothank you for your report! Since Jordi had already muted him 2 times yesterday his punishments will start becoming harsher. There is no need for him to mic spam or make those high pitch noises. If he continues to do it message me, or any staff member who helps run jailbreak on here or on discord, or make a report please! Have a good day! Edit: Punishment extended to 1 week by Jordi due to prior warnings.
  12. I hadn't seen the kill because I was tabbed out of game checking stuff. You won the lr and shouldn't have been killed by Brian, since the game auto slayed him for killing you while in lr that will be his only warning. If Brian does it again he will be ct banned. If you have demos of other freekills from Brian send them to me through here or Discord!
  13. Reviewing the demo there doesn't seem to be enough evidence to issue a punishment as the T's team mates marked the enemies on the map and he was missing shots that were basically point blank. If you have any other demos please feel free to make another report here or on discord! Thank you!
  14. Name: RJ Reason you want to be an Admin (Any reason) I was previously a mod and admin x2 on a different place where I was working with chaos before he created his community, I am loyal to the servers I play on, I work well alone and with other people, I know how to handle most situations, and I gained 3+ months of admin experience before I ended up stepping down from that place. Steam ID: [U:1:187095369]
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