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  1. No problem. I hope the truth is told with clear facts and hard data, with a coherent argument for me to be banned out of the blue, thanks for responding.
  2. I virified the demo, which Old Player sent, and in my view it was just quirks, and luck. I looked many times and only saw 2 moments where I was apparently using WallHack, but I always did that when playing on Italy map, and other players always made the same move, so I already had a certain prediction where I had or not there were people, not counting the sounds and the map.
  3. Name: dellay Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:134173680 Reason: Wallhack Why you should be unbanned: I've always played competitive games since I was a kid, played CS, LOL, Dota and among other games. I have never needed, and will never need any outside help to become good at a game. I played CS 1.6 during my childhood, I play CS GO since my adolescence and nowadays I am Supreme Master First Class, a rank that I had to get by scraping, training in championships, against bots and friends. I've never been banned from any games I've played in my entire life until now, I've never had problems with Valve, and I've never had problems with other CS servers. I played CS Source for the first time this year, it took me a long time to get used to it but I got the hang of it, I started playing on the NLG server being Brazilian, I never had any problems with anyone, but for the first time in my life I took a ban without having evidence, without having a coherent reason or easy to discover, I hope the reason for my ban is quite coherent. Screenshots, demos, etc: Unfortunately I wasn't recording (even because I had no reason to) and much less likely that I demonstrate my innocence through prints.
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