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  1. I honestly thought I saw you go up the ladder where it'd be technically out of the pit, I was a little riled up because I just killed another T that was running away. Me saying that I told you to freeze was just me talking shit, I know I didn't really say it. This "Gun Plant" was at the end of the round when the T's had an LR menu which most of the options give them a gun anyways, and they were surrounded by CT's that would immediately shoot them if they did try to rebel; seems like a little bit of a reach to me. If this is really perma CT ban worthy then that's cool, glad you showed me how shitty this community is before I invested any more of my time
  2. Name: Soulja Boy Steam ID (If applicable) STEAM_0:1:215890359 Reason you were banned: No reason specified Why you should be unbanned : I was warned for 1 freekill that I was accused of with no evidence, I then started recording my own demo of my gameplay to prove that I was playing fairly and about 20 minutes later I was CT banned indefinitely. I don't know what I did wrong, all I can say is whipbone really didn't like me for some reason. Screenshots, demos , etc: provided as an attachment
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