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  1. We decided to keep this a permanent ban without an appeal, you're an admin you should've known even better not to cheat on here. And due to the prior cases in GP you've got banned for using my version as well and tried to blame it on me in their discord that you got banned, now, you're even trying to blame us that you got banned because we updated the anti-cheat and that you did nothing wrong and that it was our fault. And let's not forget the fact how many times you've been in my DM's asking how to configure Yeet and how to use it, you're not trustworthy to be a player on our servers, nor an admin. You're done bud. We're not GP, no favouritism
  2. Jordi


    Delusional? I think you're the one being delusional, multiple times you've said there's no proof, while we've said we got demos, even shown you we got them, then somehow in your brain it still does not get processed and repeat it once more that there is nothing besides 'word of mouth' , the part you lied? How many times do i have to repeat the same things, over and over. It's getting tiresome. I'm honestly amazed how hard it is for you to understand English. Read 1 message up.
  3. Jordi


    Also, you want to know the funniest part of you calling me biased the entire time? I actually was the only one in there not against you, but for some reason you continuously had to disrespect me and even lie about our conversations to @Chaos_Boss In his DM's, so thanks for that. I don't even do admin things, yet I even reviewed the demo for you, neither was I even the one who banned you.
  4. Jordi


    Oh no, I wouldn't delete this. This is quality content. Also, i don't know if you're mentally challenged, but how many times have i already told you we've got Demo's of you. but once again, probably the 8th time now i think? You claim "Someone saying they have proof for the ban but then saying They dont have any demos to base it off is pretty unfair in my opinion." Fuck off lmao. I told you majority of the people agreed on the demo. Grow up, go back to your Warlords, child.
  5. Awp limit is there to stay, I might increase it depending on how many players are playing ex; 10 players 2 Awps per team 30 players 4 Awps per team Etc, Votekick/Voteban will be added later. And as Chaos said, the music is being changed. Thanks for your suggestions.
  6. Player Collision is on. In-game Shop Added Rock the vote enabled.
  7. Jordi


    Jordi here, developer for NLG, many of you know me already most likely, I won't be playing myself, @Chaos_Boss has full control over what's happening, but I will help develop the server along with others to make the best server Jailbreak has to offer.
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