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Forum Rules

Here are the main rules for the forums:

  • No flaming or harassment (Roasting and regular banter obviously is ok as long as you ain't straight harassing)
  • No spamming (Joking around and trolling with posting occasionally is alright but not excessively)
  • Don't comment on appeals , complaints or reports unless you're a witness to the situation. Your opinion only matters if you actually know what went down.
  • Blatant or implied racism isn't allowed ('Nigga', Faggot, etc are allowed in most cases, but the iteration with an 'er' at the end isn't. Just common sense stuff really)
  • Debating certain things on threads are allowed and we won't just close a thread out of laziness / not wanting to deal with the problem at hand. But try to keep things civil, especially on appeals / reports. Otherwise you're out of here.
  • Don't be a retard - I.E. think before you post.





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