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Dust 2 Rules


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General Rules:


1) No flaming, harassing or significant disrespect towards any player (Banter, regular roasting , joking around is fine)

2) Don't act like a dumbass - Just play the game without hindering gameplay for others or causing drama

3) No blatant and obvious racism / direct discrimination  (Implying isn't allowed either however terms such as 'Nigga' , 'retard' and 'Faggot' are allowed as long they're not being used to take part in rule one)

4)  Porn / NSFW content isn't allowed on the server. However for 18+ members it’s allowed in a channel in our discord 

5) Doing anything to hinder gameplay isn't allowed (spamming, radio, exploiting map  etc)


Pub Specific Rules 

1) Cheats of any form ,(aimbot, wallhacks, etc) aren't allowed and will result in a permanent ban.

2) No spamming in chat

3) Other languages aside from English are allowed. However if you're breaking rules, you'll only be warned in English by admins

4) No advertising (Aka. actually telling someone to goto another server). Having a link in your name , or pasting links /ip adresses are fine as long as they aren't for another CSS server or gaming community)

5) No ghosting - This means don't imply the location or health of where someone alive is at while you're dead (this applies outside of teamchat / in public chat or spec chat when talking about players on the opposite team. Talking in teamchat to players on your own team while dead about what's going on is fine)


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