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NLG Jailbreak "Gang Wars" Event + Best Warden , supporting CT, rebeller, and more! (100k+ credits given out!)


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             Jailbreak Gang Wars Event

On Saturday November 13th, NLG will be hosting a new Jailbreak event centered around everyone's favorite part of JB : Rebelling! Incase you aren't aware, our server has a 'Gangs' plugin which allows people to create gangs and invite their friends.


However during this event two gangs will compete with eachother to get the most amount of kills and wipe out as many CTs as possible. During the event, both gangs have their perks maxed out (extra health, damage, lower gravity, higher speed) from the get go which will help both teams rebel even easier. The team that has the most kills collectively by the end of the event will get 90k credits (10k per member). Usually the max members in a gang would be 6 but it'll temporarily extended to 9 to allow more people to participate. To minimize confusion I will temporarily backup and reset the database for gangs until the event is over.

The entire event will last one map cycle on razor as well

Although the event is centered around rebelling, there will still be prizes for the following categories :


  • Best warden (Most fun warden / Whoever can manage to control the T's as best as possible and somehow make it map games. People who participated will be able to vote on who this was). Prize : 50k credits
  • Best supporting CT (Whichever regular CT did the best job at dealing with the CTs. People will vote for this also). Prize : 30k credits
  • Best non-rebelling T : Whichever T makes it to LR the most amount of times throughout the event) Prize : 15k credits

The two gangs leader will be @Dickand @NpDot, they are also apart of the events team which will be hosting the event to keep track of the scores. The prizes will be given out immediately by myself. If you'd like to be a member in Dick's gang (OBLOCK) or Npdot's "BackStreet Crawlers" then join the discord to enter for the event.


Looking forward to seeing you guys there! Good luck.

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