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NLG Jailbreak Server Rules


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General Rules:


1) No flaming, harassing or significant disrespect towards any player (Banter, regular roasting , joking around is fine)

2) Don't act like a dumbass - Just play the game without hindering gameplay for others or causing drama

3) No actual racism (Implying isn't allowed either however Slurs such as 'Nigga' , Nigger, and 'Faggot' are allowed as long they're not being used to take part in rule one)

4)  Porn / NSFW content isn't allowed on the server. However for 18+ members it’s allowed in a channel in our discord 

5) Doing anything to hinder gameplay isn't allowed (spamming, blocking outside of games, generally being annoying, ghosting , etc. Doesn't need to be a rule for each thing, it's just common sense)

Jailbreak Specific Rules 

1) Teamkilling isn’t allowed outside games unless it’s between two people joking around and both okay with it. However , even if it’s outside of that it still isn’t slayable for Ts. CTs must be paying attention and can kill ones who teamkill without having to warn. CTs who teamkill eachother can be slayed by admin+

2) No freekilling 

3) Freedays are allowed but just not excessively (Not set amount of times just don't do it alot back to back if the server is popped)

4) Spawn camping on special days not allowed.

5) Special days should be done occasionally, not excessively (There's no set time, but try to avoid doing 2+ in a row if the server is populated) 






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