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HM Courts & Tribunals Service Ban Appeal

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Name: HM Courts & Tribunals Service

Steam ID (If applicable): STEAM_0:0:630156183

Reason you were banned: Wallhacking?

Why you should be unbanned : I wasn't wallhacking. I know exactly what happened for the admin to think I was though. I saw him go to soccer secret on Razor so I went to AWP window and waited for it to open then shot him when it did. He asked how many hours I have and I told him I had more on an old account that got stolen. I literally just rebought this game today on a new account after taking a break for a year or so afterwards.

Screenshots, demos , etc: I don't see why I would have any of these since I did not expect to be banned with no evidence or even without any warning. I only have a clip of me from that time in the event which shows I am not using any wallhacks? It's a shadowplay. Here:


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This is a ban appeal section.

1. Don't post here unless you're appealing.

2. Don't post random links about the media especially when the links aren't .com .edu or .gov the 3 most trusted ones I know

3. If you do want to post links we have a discord channel used for posting links note they get checked for viruses by myself or another managers anti virus or what ever scanner they use. If they contain any type of virus that can lead to harsh punishment.

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