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Ban request on AkashiTM NLG AWP server

Dumpster Dave

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I joined to play some AWP deathmatch and stumbled upon this dude “AkashiTM”, didn't think much of him, seemed like a decent player and what not. but once we joined forest (next map don’t remember full name) map he would always seem to know where to pre-fire and pre-aim as it’s nothing special with good players that know the map. I thought nothing of it until the next map awp_lego_2 reloaded. I spectated him and decided to record a demo I watched him for some time and he would look at angles/areas where he wouldn't before or pre-aim areas where he wouldn't before, I know that some spots are common on maps to aim or pre-aim at but from the amount of kills he got I would think that he is an experienced player to some degree, but his movement was just trash almost like a new player trying to learn how to bhop for the first time, putting that aside in some occasions he would have no sound ques or info from the mini-map, and he would be walking or trying to bhop in a direction stop and aim at a completely different spot and kill a guy, again no info or sound que. maybe I’m just miss reading something but like I said from the amount of kills he was racking up I would have thought he would be a decent player but from looking how he moves himself around the map just made it clear to me, Now I am not saying I am 1000% sure he is either wallhacking or etc but just seemed kind of sus 🙂 I would review demo and let the admin decide maybe I’m fucking being stupid lol. (Start of the demo is nothing to do with the guy i think about a minute into the demo is where i spec him)


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