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TMC community merging with NLG!


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Hey guys, I have a major announcement! The gaming community known as TMC which previously owned their dust 2 24/7 server as well as their Zombie Mod server will now be apart of NLG! This is a major change , and will ensure we have atleast one already popped server from the get go. Many things with the server itself will stay the same for the most part, however we will be trying to improve things as much as possible to provide the best experience for Counter Strike : Source! This just the start, to stay tuned!


Within the next several days, some things such as rank structure , removal of paymins , and more changes will occur but I will respect what's come before me and leave many things in tact with the way TMC was before!

As for our Counter Strike: Source Jailbreak server, we will be trying to populate that server very heavily as well, and will likely have more people playing there as a result of the merging. However, we still need to put in the work for there.

TMC had a pre-existing discord, so I will be either getting NLG members to move there, or vice versa, or something entirely different. Still deciding. < IP to connect to the dust 2 server!

https://discord.gg/PdtFujDg < TMC old discord

https://discord.gg/j9a2dZb9 < NLG new discord incase you don't already know it.


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