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So I was banned by the higher ups without any evidence and thought I would share the convos since I won't be playing here anymore.  Anyone who understands css and is interested in doing the right thing can tell this community why I'm not cheating in the demo they are providing.


You seem to be very active with the d2 server so I was wondering if you had any update on my ban from 2 days ago.  I was banned by an admin after he watched me for maybe 4 rounds. I'm hoping this gets reversed if you would like my cs history I would be more than willing to provide it.  Thanks for any help.

In game name is PiN


I do not have a demo I was the player banned. In my experience the admin is the one who should provide the demo and proof of why he banned a player. 

Oh, we've got all the proof for the ban, i'm just waiting on your demo.

whats the proof besides word of mouth? Does anyone in the community have exp in css that I can message? I obviously don't cheat.  Here is some of my history if this even makes sense to you.



Your 'History' is entirely irrelevant. We've got 2 demo's about you.

anyone who says someone history in anything is irrelevant is being arrogant. I hope you dont have the final decision on this because you seem pretty toxic.

History says nothing at all, it's completely irrelevant. Someone might have a history in some things, but that doesn't prove anything at all. It's pretty ignorant to think if someone has a history in a certain thing, that person wouldn't ever do something bad.


Let's not forget the fact there's two demo's about you, and multiple admins have deemed you as cheating, so your supposed 'legit' history is completely out of the window as well. So far you've provided me nothing besides a 'history' which has no value in your case at all.

What am i suppose to provide you? players dont record demos of themselves every time they play the game.  The admins are suppose to have proof beyond a doubt if someone is cheating and that isnt the case here.

How would you know we don't have proof beyond a doubt? I just told you we have two demo's and the majority of the admins agree that you were cheating.

I've decided to decline your appeal. Next time do not lie to another Staff member to try and manipulate your way into an unban. Once you decide to tell the truth, i might reduce your ban time.



I did not lie or try manipulate into an unban lol. I was simply getting input from another member who I figured might have more experience in the matter because obviously you were biased towards me getting banned in the first place.  Your decision is your decision. Have a good day!



I've coded many hacks myself, I've played CSS since 2004, there's two demo's recorded in the server about you, you claim you're not lying, but when i read the DM's you've send Chaos boss and claim  'I talked with Jordi and he said he hasn't seen any demo's but is assuming im cheating' Clearly shows you're lying and trying to manipulate him for an unban, as I've mentioned multiple times there's demo's about you, and once again, i already told you there's multiple admins whom have gave an input on the demo's as well. And now even saying I'm biased? Fuck off. Stop digging your hole deeper before i throw an entire IP-range ban on there.

You can do whatever you would like lol your'e acting childish.  You never told me you have seen a demo so you can go back and look at my quote as many times as you would like and it still isn't a lie.  You said you were waiting for demos and then you said you had demos.  You never claimed you watched any demos and never said how I was supposedly cheating but again youre being biased so I would expect nothing less.  Now youre posting a demo finally but still havent explained how I was cheating and didnt break down any part of the demo.  Also it doesn't matter if you have been playing since 2004 or coded hacks according to yourself "history" doesn't matter so why are you now using it in your argument. I won't be responding to you anymore because obviously its pointless but gl with your role here.

Childish? I'm not the one continuously disrespecting someone. Your ban stays, no appeal.

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I'm sure this will get removed since the higher ups will not want to admit their fault but until then I figured I would give insight to how they run the community.




I was banned by an admin on your server and was wondering what was happening with it.  It has been maybe 4-5 days and it said please wait 24 hours for an answer so i was just curious if you knew anything.


I talked with jordi and he said he hasnt seen any demos but he is assuming im cheating for some reason just wondering if youre the person I talk to or if someone else who understands css better then the admin can look into this case. Thanks for any help.

Hey, and jordi asked you if you have any demos of you playing the same way to prove that you weren't cheating. Feel free to send one here

 And what you said also wasn't true, you didn't even make a forum account 4-5 days ago.

Nervermind, considering you lied about that above and plus you seem to be unwilling to send any demo , and you've lied saying "jordi said he hasn't seen any demos" even though he told you he saw one an admin recorded and you disrespected him for no reason as well then you can't appeal at this time. The banning admin Old player , as well as 2 other admins thoroughly looked at the demo thought you were cheating so no one was "assuming" anything. 

https://www.nextlevelgamers.net/index.php?/forum/20-ban-appeals/ You can appeal in this section in 3 months if you'd like to be honest. Have a good today

I did not lie


Oh, we've got all the proof for the ban, i'm just waiting on your demo.

Someone saying they have proof for the ban but then saying They dont have any demos to base it off is pretty unfair in my opinion.  That means theyre going by word of mouth which is very unprofessional.  I also did not disrespect him I told him it is toxic to say someones history in something is irrelevant which it is.  If a professional cs player joined your server and was banned but he posted his exp someone who says that doesn't matter is being toxic in my opinion and that is disrespectful to that individual for his accomplishments.  i understand youre going to be biased towards your friend but please understand I was disrespected and treated unfair in this case.  Your decision is obviously up to you but hopefully you will look at this again.  Also i did send jordi my history which does have demos of me playing in the past heres is another link of me playing recently in a highly competitve cs server if you guys need demos.




you can click any outcome of any of those matches and dl a demo which shows me playing.

As I told jordi I have exp in esea which runs an anti cheat while you play and ive been playing this game for over 15 years with no vac bans.


Hopefully you reconsider I could be valuable to your community in the future as i do have free time lately and I'm just looking to play and have fun but could also help you when it comes to css as I am very knowledgeable.


Thanks for your time.

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Oh no, I wouldn't delete this. This is quality content. 


Also, i don't know if you're mentally challenged, but how many times have i already told you we've got Demo's of you. but once again, probably the 8th time now i think? You claim "Someone saying they have proof for the ban but then saying They dont have any demos to base it off is pretty unfair in my opinion."    Fuck off lmao. I told you majority of the people agreed on the demo. Grow up, go back to your Warlords, child.

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If you had read what I sent you, you'd know I told you to wait 3 months to appeal given the fact you lied multiple times.

We've had multiples admins such as @Old playerand @Luxxyreview the demo of you cheating , and they deemed that you were indeed cheating. And to top it off, rather than be civil about you'd prefer to call our lead dev 'toxic, childish, etc' despite the fact he gave you the benefit of the doubt and allowed you to send your OWN demo of you playing perhaps somewhere else to prove your innocence. You immediately jumped on the defensive and went on about your professional css "history" on another community, when means nothing. 

If you had just told the truth and been respectful, I would've considered shortening the ban. 

The ban is sticking, and if you keep ranting you'll just dig yourself deeper.



^ Here's the demo the admin team reviewed incase you want to act as if we don't have one.



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Also, you want to know the funniest part of you calling me biased the entire time? I actually was the only one in there not against you, but for some reason you continuously had to disrespect me and even lie about our conversations to @Chaos_Boss In his DM's, so thanks for that. I don't even do admin things, yet I even reviewed the demo for you, neither was I even the one who banned you.



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Posted (edited)

You are both delusional.  I did not lie about one thing but feel free to post what i lied about and i will correct you no problem also you can post all the demos you want but until you explain how i was cheating youre being biased because you obviously dont know what to look for so youre just saying im cheating.  As for appealing the ban why would I appeal something that makes no sense to me to begin with and hasn't even been explained this entire time.

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Delusional? I think you're the one being delusional, multiple times you've said there's no proof, while we've said we got demos, even shown you we got them, then somehow in your brain it still does not get processed and repeat it once more that there is nothing besides 'word of mouth' , the part you lied? How many times do i have to repeat the same things, over and over. It's getting tiresome. 


I'm honestly amazed how hard it is for you to understand English. Read 1 message up.

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"word of mouth"

go back and look at the logs smart one.  I said that in the beginning after you said u did not see any demos yet you said you had all the proof you need lol. That means someone told you hes cheating and you believed it.  Thats what word of mouth is lol.  Thats not a lie


there still is no proof that im cheating,  thats not a lie

just having a demo is not proof, if that was the case I could go record a demo of any player i wanted and say i have proof of him cheating smart one. Just because some of your inexperienced admin friends say im cheating is not proof. If im cheating then post the demo and explain  to the community exactly what im doing so we can understand where youre coming from.  Instead you post a random demo and say its proof lol

Sorry I had to break it down in simplest terms for you so you could understand but it had to be done

anything else you would like me to prove you wrong on feel free to keep posting although I dont see why you want to continue to look foolish in your own community.

I'm sure I will get ip banned any day now once you keep being proven wrong and cant deal with facts.

Have a good night.


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